In 1776 America Was Born; Then Now And Always A Free Judaeo-Christian Nation

America The Beautiful

Honoring our Founders


Thousands of monuments, memorials and plaques honoring those who were so important to the founding of this great nation are under non-stop vicious attack by groups with no ties to the memorials they are destroying. It comes from an international organization known as "Take 'Em All Down Everywhere". they must be stopped.

Heritage must not be lost


We are now being attacked from many directions and we must be diligent. We have had over a decade of low level infiltration into our government on all levels. We now face the difficult task of sorting through the who, when, what, where, and why!  

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Current Status of America


We are in a war of "Good vs Evil".

America's future at risk?


Facing the storms over America is a daunting experience, however...

Protect the values these heroes died for us to hand down to our children and generation to come.

Preserve Our Monuments, Memorials, Veterans' Servic

we shall never forget

In virtually every state, there is a monument with a targe

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