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Sanctity of Life Your Children, Your Choice


All across America, children are being exposed to incomprehensible sex education beginning in PreK through graduation, most often without the parents knowledge or content.

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  •  Protect and Respect our Constitution
  • Students Must be Taught About This Great Country
  • Protect and Preserve America's Great History and Heritage
  • Honor Our Veterans

stop funding illegal islamic charter schools


American tax payers are funding approx. 200+ Islamic Charter schools controlled by this known terrorist living in Pennsylvania. Tell President Trump to extradite him back to Turkey 

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There are many attacks on our American way of life. The most atrocious is the attack on our children, and in the classroom! 

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Media and Legislation

Freedom Speaks' 2020 Legislative Agenda

  • AGAINST - SB-180 & HB-41   Banning of Conversion Therapy takes away the rights of parents to take their children to a licensed if the child is gender confused. (Honestly, how can a child not be gender confused when the school is teaching them that they are not a boy or girl until they get older and decide for themselves.
  • FOR - HB-1059  Parental Rights  Defining that parents have overriding authority of their children in areas of education and health care. They have final determination of the curriculum and courses their children will be taught, including sex education. 
  • FOR - SB-404  Parental Consent for a Minor Abortion  No medical professional will be allowed to perform an abortion on a minor without the consent of at least one parent. 

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Sanctity of Life/Your Children Your Choice Articles


affirming gender in elementary schools

Schools are clearly promoting gender identity and LGBTQ education on elementary children

planned parenthood gender spectrum in public schools

Planned Parenthood has no business in public schools, yet they have a large community of Spectrum Partners they work with in teaching sex ed and gender identity  

GLSEN Gender Terminology

As if the term "White Privilege" isn't bad enough, now if you are not gay or LGBTQ labeled, you are considered "Cis-privileged". 

Legislative Actions

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